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Best Raw Gold and Diamond Dealers in the US to Buy and Sell Precious Metals

Surging for veterans in Gold and diamond dealing? At UNO international, you will find the best raw gold and diamond dealers in the US to buy and sell quickly. A KPC compliant company, 12 years old into this business, UNO International has already served over thousands of precious metal dealers and buyers.


For Buyers with Unprecedented demands


Classic, Royal or Contemporary, just order what you want. we are specialized in sufficing the specific demands with aesthetic designs of Gold and diamond cuts for every age customers. Extracted all the way from South African mines and tested by many, we buy raw metal and transform into 100% pure enigmatic jewelry. This is why we also sell our stock at modest of prices.


For Small and Big Raw Metal Sellers


With such a fragile market of Gold and silver, we keep buying on a consistent basis and deliver payments instantly after verification. Being a leader in the US for imports, we never stop buying big at most competitive prices. Our dedicated employees will prompt you to have the best of deals, whenever you dial from any part of US.


Every size Investor is welcomed


Investing in Gold was never been so profitable with sky high prices these days. We look forward to developing stronger relations with micro, small and big investors. Feel free to scrutinize our investment program for a win-win deal. You may also go through our Popular Q&A section in order to eradicate any possible doubt.


Unlike other private Gold and diamond buyers, we legally buy every asset with taxes. So, there is no red in the ledger. This helps us to make frequent imports and have access to even better services during the whole process.


Being an investor, we know the risk of market ups and downs and therefore guarantees them to maximize their profits with in given time.


Giving back to the World


Our Community development programs are focused on giving returns to the core workers, who made it possible to have the finest in hand. That’s why we leave no stone unturned in keeping them as valuable assets. We never support child labor,  or any inhumane terror intentions throughout the whole process of extraction, filtering, and remodeling.


Never hesitate to ask every query of yours as we are just a call or text away. Reach us at (916) 529-9161 or send us an email through our contact page.

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