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Why is raw gold a better investment over gold jewellery?

The reason that we at UNOit always recommend our clients to invest in raw gold rather than the gold jewelry is the extent of simplicity, profitability, and quick returns. Let’s see how buying straight from the mines is an ideal trade for a gold investor.

Raw is Easy To Buy and Sell

When we buy raw gold, we only have to deal with the pro service providers who are quick to decide and pay. Once the raw metal is converted into some form of an end product, its price will go up exponentially. Plus, the market becomes even fragile with taxes, newbie sellers, negotiations and making cost. So, you will never really know the true asset value. This creates doubts and sometimes leave us on the receiving end.

Quick Deals: No Waiting

You won’t have to wait too long for profits and returns when you Invest In Raw Gold. While the investment might feel burdening, the profits are equally heavy delights. As I said, you will only be doing business with the best in the industry. This increases your chance of having authentic shares and sudden gains.

Reduced Taxes

Fewer levels for processing of Gold means lesser levels of taxes. Different states in US levy different set of taxes in importing, processing and product modeling. Also, there are several jurisdictions, which keep the manufacturers and retailers under the scrutiny of stringent laws. This makes Raw gold an obvious choice for investors who look to keep the trade simple, quick and profiting.

Realizing above factors, we at UNO International knows the cliche behind such a vast business and already have tried-tested techniques for hassle-free buying and selling. Start investing today by giving us a call at (916) 529-9161.

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