Diamond is the most precious substance on earth. The word diamond is derived from the Greek word "Adamas", which means invincible or indestructible. It is so hard in a form that only a diamond can break another diamond. A diamond is almost six hundred times costlier than gold which means, it is approximately five thousand times more valuable than gold.

In 2016, investors around the world returned in large numbers to the diamond market, as a combination of macroeconomic drivers and pent up demand kept interest in diamond high. As we start the new year, there are some concerns that US dollar strength may limit diamond’s appeal. We believe that, on the contrary, not only will diamond remain highly relevant as a strategic portfolio component, but also six major trends will support demand for diamond throughout 2017.

Investment Plan - Diamond and other precious metals investment plans are quite simple and well structured for small, micro and large organizations. Ours is a small venture and the minimum investment plan we have is of $ 10,000. You can invest in a group of more than 2 people if not able to invests solely. Moreover, if somebody is able to invest the big amount, we start a trade transaction with you immediately.

Contact Person: Mr. Uche Ozoh
Contact no.: (916) 529-9161

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