Some of the advantages in our type of investment are:


1- We do not need to spend any money to place an ad on television or radio or newspapers in order for us to sell our products; we already pre sell all products before we even buy them.


2- Because we pre-sell our raw gold in advance, it enables us not to have any time latency from the time of purchase to the time we sell it; hence turnaround time for completion of our transaction can be very fast. We do not have to wait for weeks and months to search for someone that will buy our product.


How do our investment program work?

Once you are serious to become an investor, we will send you our contract, you sign it and return it back to us with your investment. Once we receive your contract, we will analyze it to determine if we will go ahead to start a trade transaction for you or if we have to wait to do a group transaction for you.


Normally if you have a significant large investment, we can proceed with your trade transaction which may take approximately give or take 30 days to complete your transaction. But if you have a micro or small investment, we have to wait for more investors to join in order for us to bring all the resources together, and start the transaction as a group investment.

To participate in our investment program

send us email at: