At UNO International Trading one of our major trade is diamond, we supply precious diamonds to our buyers and investors. All of our diamonds come from the mines in Africa. Therefore, we assist our clients with the process of paying for the government taxes, getting the Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) and any necessary paper to enable them to legally travel with their precious stones. All of our precious minerals are free of all liens, and have no relationship or links to any criminal / terrorist activities or groups, or drug related origins / cartels. Also, there is no child labor or forced labor used in any of the processes involved in the mining of the metals.


For more information you can call / text us at (916) 529-9161 or send us an email through our contact page.

We Work For Your Profit!

What distinguishes our services from most other companies out there is that we work for your profit and your guaranteed satisfaction! Whether you’re a supplier, buyer or investor, we always make sure that our transactions are a win-win situation for everyone.


One of our unique programs places focus on giving back to communities that we partner with. We have some special programs through the Humanitarian Foundation that allow us to give back to the community and even work closer with the people within the community. Unlike most other companies, that only care about maximizing their profit to the fullest for their own personal benefit, our goal is maximize our profit for the purpose of giving back to the communities where the precious metals come from.